Postcode IP33 2NR (West Suffolk)

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The postcode IP33 2NR is located in West Suffolk, in the county of Suffolk. It was introduced in January 1980 and is an active postcode. IP33 2NR is a small user postcode that may contain upto 100 addresses (but 15 is more typical).

IP33 2NR is one of the less deprived areas in the country. It rates as a 6.2 on the scale of the index of deprivation (where 10 are the least deprived and 0 are the most deprived areas). The 2011 UK census classified the residents of IP33 2NR as Hard-pressed living > Hard pressed ageing workers > Ageing industrious workers.

The closest road name to IP33 2NR is Sandpiper Road which is centered 97 m away.

The nearest bus stop is Bevis Walk and is 31 m away. The closest railway station is Entrance, 2.73 km away.

The closest primary school to IP33 2NR (for ages 11 and under) is Hardwick Primary School. The closest secondary school (for ages 11-18) is St Benedict's Catholic School. The last OFSTED inspection on September 29, 2016 rated this school as Good

The local pub for residents of IP33 2NR is The Macebearer and is 407 m away. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) rated it as AwaitingInspection on October 5, 2021. The nearest takeaway food is available from Deep Blue and is 407 m distant. The FSA rated this establishment as Good on September 1, 2021.

Residents reported an average download speed of 88.8 Mbps and an average upload speed of 19.4 Mbps in a 2017 OFCOM broadband survey. 12.5% of residents have broadband access of ultrafast 300+ Mbps. 100% of residents have broadband access of superfast 30-300 Mbps.

Gas consumption for the area is rated at 1.7 out of 10. Electricity consumption for the area is rated at 0.4 out of 10. Where 0 are the lowest and 10 are the highest consuming areas in the country respectively.

Policing for IP33 2NR is covered by the Suffolk police force association and Suffolk is the NHS Primary Care Trust (PCT) or Care Trust Plus (CT).


Nearby Postcodes

A list of Postcodes adjacent to IP33 2NR and their respective distances.

Nearby Roads

A list of road names near to IP33 2NR, and the approximate distance away.

Sandpiper Road 97 m
Nowton Road 141 m
Robin Road 144 m
Redwing Road 256 m
Raven Road 257 m
Kestrel Road 262 m
Victory Close 272 m
Bury Park Drive 274 m
Mayfield Road 309 m
The Curlews 312 m
Plovers Way 330 m
Sicklesmere Road 500 m
Hardwick Lane 1.01 km
A134 5.45 km
A143 27.85 km


Information about the postcode IP33 2NR

Introduction January 1980
Termination n/a - Active Postcode
User Type Small User - may contain upto 100 addresses but 15 is more typical

Local Schools

School OFSTED ratings, last inspection dates, student age ranges and approximate distance from IP33 2NR - Data from 2020-2021

School Ofsted Rating
(Last Inspection)
South Lee School 164 m
Riverwalk School 315 m
Hardwick Primary School 318 m
St Edmund's Catholic Primary School Good
(February 21, 2017)
1.46 km
Guildhall Feoffment Community Primary School Good
(March 5, 2020)
1.52 km
Sebert Wood Community Primary School Outstanding
(June 23, 2009)
1.67 km
Westgate Community Primary School and Nursery Good
(January 27, 2022)
1.9 km
Priory School Outstanding
(October 16, 2018)
2.03 km
Horringer Court Middle School Good
(March 6, 2020)
2.66 km
St Edmundsbury Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School Good
(November 30, 2017)
2.69 km
West Suffolk College Good
(May 11, 2016)
2.73 km
Abbots Green Primary Academy 2.78 km
King Edward VI Church of England Voluntary Controlled Upper School Good
(March 6, 2019)
2.81 km
Sybil Andrews Academy Requires improvement
(May 15, 2019)
2.85 km
Abbeygate Sixth Form College 3.07 km
Bury St Edmunds County Upper School Serious Weaknesses
(January 17, 2019)
3.36 km
St Benedict's Catholic School Good
(September 29, 2016)
3.48 km
Tollgate Primary School Good
(May 24, 2017)
3.59 km
Westley Middle School Good
(December 13, 2016)
3.59 km
Sexton's Manor Community Primary School Good
(June 20, 2018)
3.63 km

Nearby Food

Food establishments with their establishment type, FSA rating score, date of last inspection and approximate distance from IP33 2NR - Data from Apr 2022

Name Type Rating
(Last Inspection)
South Lee School School/college/university 5
Very Good
January 11, 2022
164 m
Victory Sports Ground Other catering premises Exempt
September 27, 2018
243 m
eats at Hardwick Primary School School/college/university 5
Very Good
May 1, 2019
318 m
Deep Blue Takeaway/sandwich shop 4
September 1, 2021
407 m
Morrisons Daily Retailers - other 4
November 19, 2021
407 m
Silver Capital Chinese Takeaway Takeaway/sandwich shop 5
Very Good
September 25, 2019
407 m
The Macebearer Pub/bar/nightclub Awaiting Inspection
October 5, 2021
407 m
Zeera Indian Takeaway/sandwich shop 5
Very Good
June 11, 2021
407 m
Hardwick Stores Retailers - other 5
Very Good
May 15, 2017
454 m
Bury St Edmunds Rugby Club Other catering premises 5
Very Good
October 31, 2018
649 m
Dobbies Garden World Restaurant/Cafe/Canteen 5
Very Good
December 3, 2019
649 m
Haberden SF Connect Retailers - other 5
Very Good
January 17, 2019
649 m
Police Investigation Centre Restaurant/Cafe/Canteen 5
Very Good
September 9, 2019
748 m
Bury Golf Range Retailers - other 5
Very Good
January 17, 2019
782 m
Best Buddies Care Ltd Hospitals/Childcare/Caring Premises 5
Very Good
May 23, 2018
927 m
Abbey Hotel Hotel/bed & breakfast/guest house 5
Very Good
August 23, 2018
991 m
Heritage Manor Hospitals/Childcare/Caring Premises 5
Very Good
February 26, 2018
1.04 km
Heritage Wellbeing Restaurant/Cafe/Canteen 5
Very Good
December 19, 2019
1.04 km
Walkers Catering Restaurant/Cafe/Canteen 5
Very Good
January 20, 2022
1.04 km
Wedgwood House Hospitals/Childcare/Caring Premises 5
Very Good
January 25, 2019
1.12 km

Nearby Travel Links

Bus stops, train stations, taxi ranks and airports near to IP33 2NR - Data from Apr 2022

Bevis Walk Bus Stop/Station 31 m
Bevis Walk Bus Stop/Station 44 m
Victory Sports Ground Bus Stop/Station 100 m
Victory Sports Ground Bus Stop/Station 126 m
Robin Road Bus Stop/Station 135 m
Entrance Rail 2.73 km
Entrance Rail 2.77 km
Cambridge Airport Air 37.72 km
London Stansted Airport Air 49.44 km

Nearby Nature

Woodland, hills, greenspaces, water and other natural features near to IP33 2NR - Data from Dec 2021

Mayne Water Inland Water 1.02 km
Nowton Grove Woodland Or Forest 1.22 km
Court Park Woodland Or Forest 1.32 km
Beech Grove Woodland Or Forest 1.41 km
Layhill Covert Woodland Or Forest 1.44 km
Puthawks Bush Plantation Woodland Or Forest 1.54 km
Little Spinney Woodland Or Forest 1.61 km
Stonebridge Belt Woodland Or Forest 1.71 km
Great Spinney Woodland Or Forest 1.77 km
Pond Covert Woodland Or Forest 1.77 km
Broom Plantation Woodland Or Forest 1.87 km
The Clump Woodland Or Forest 1.91 km
North Hill Covert Woodland Or Forest 1.95 km
The Grove Woodland Or Forest 2.04 km
Home Covert Woodland Or Forest 2.08 km


Broadband availability and performance statistics for IP33 2NR - Data from Ofcom 2017

All Speeds Median Avg Max
Download 78.9 Mbps 88.8 Mbps 159.8 Mbps
Upload 19.8 Mbps 19.4 Mbps 29.99 Mbps
Speed Band
Users Download
Avg Mbps
Avg Mbps
0-2 Mbps 0% - -
2-5 Mbps 0% - -
5-10 Mbps 0% - -
10-30 Mbps 0% 10 1
30-300 Mbps 87.5% 104.6 23
300+ Mbps 12.5% - -

Gas Consumption

8 meters consuming 90,759 kWh - mean 11,345 kWh : median 11,570 kWh

Electricity Consumption

8 meters consuming 30,392 kWh - mean 3,799 kWh : median 2,978 kWh

Energy usage data for IP33 2NR - Data from 2020


Country England
County Suffolk
Latitude 52.23003000
Longitude 0.72536200
OS Easting 586222
OS Northing 0262592
OS Positional Quality Within the building of the matched address closest to the postcode mean

Index of Deprivation

Most Deprived
Least Deprived

Police Force Association



Westminster Parliamentary
Bury St Edmunds
County Electorial Division Hardwick ED
Electoral Ward Southgate
Local Authority District West Suffolk
Region / Government Office Region East of England
European Electoral Region Eastern
Local Enterprise Partnership Primary: New Anglia
Local Learning and Skills Council Suffolk

ONS Statistical Regions

International Territorial Level Code E07000245
Travel To Work Area Bury St Edmunds


NHS England Region East of England
Primary Care Trust
Cancer Alliance East of England - North
Strategic Health Authority
East of England
Sustainability and Transformation
Suffolk and North East Essex
Clinical Comissioning Group
NHS West Suffolk CCG

2011 Census

Output Area Classification Supergroup: Hard-pressed living
Group: Hard pressed ageing workers
Subgroup: Ageing industrious workers
Rural-Urban Classification (England/Wales) Urban city and town
Built-Up Area Bury St Edmunds BUA
Built-Up Area Sub-Division Bury St Edmunds BUASD
Workplace Zone E33028559
Middle Layer Super Output Area
Intermediate Zone
St Edmundsbury 009
Lower Layer Super Output Area
Data Zone
St Edmundsbury 009D
Output Area / Small Area 8C1